Are Glass Table Tops Tempered?

You’re interested in a thick, tough, durable glass tabletop for one of your favorite tables in your home. Per another article on our blog, you’ve already determined the right thickness for the tabletop. Now comes another question, and that’s whether the glass is tempered versus un-tempered. Are glass tabletops tempered?

Are Glass Tabletops Tempered?

Whether your glass tabletop is tempered generally depends on the thickness of the glass. For instance, if you have glass with a thickness of ½ an inch, then there’s often no need to temper it. This glass is already strong and durable enough, so tempering it would be overkill.

Instead, it’s typically the less thick glass, such as ¼-inch (which is recommended for tabletops) and 3/8-inch glass that does undergo tempering, especially when this glass is used for tabletops and other similar applications.

What Does It Mean for Glass to Be Tempered?

What is tempered glass anyway? When glass is tempered, it undergoes a chemical or thermal treatment so it’s stronger than it originally was. The glass’ interior surface now has tension and the exterior surface compression.

Should you ever accidentally crack tempered glass, it will break off into chunks rather than shards. This is due to the stress pressure caused from the tension and compression. Compared to annealed or plate glass’ shards, when tempered glass breaks, it’s a much safer process. You can still cut yourself on the smaller chunks, but they’re less dangerous than long glass shards flying at you.

Are Other Glass Accent Items Tempered Too?

If you’re curious about other glass accent items and whether they come tempered, again, it has to do with their thickness more than anything. For larger glass items especially, such as glass tables or entertainment centers, since these are so durable, you have to expect that the glass has undergone some fortification first.

Looking for Great Glass Tabletops? Call on the Team at CBD Glass Today

This information has you more eager than ever to look into your options for a glass tabletop. If so, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re CBD Glass, a Canadian glass designer and manufacturer based out of Ontario.

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Glass makes a fantastic option for your tabletop material, especially tempered glass. Our glass products are resistant to mold. They’re practically scratch-proof, making them very hard to damage, and our glass can handle lots of weight and even very hot or very cold temperatures.

Anti-bacterial and super hygienic, the glass accent items at CBD won’t stain, and cleaning up your tabletop is as simple as wiping it down with a wet soft cloth soaked in a mixture of soap and water.

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