Are Glass Sinks Durable?

Are you one of the many people remodeling your kitchen or building a new home? If so, glass sinks offer a beautiful and lasting solution for any sink in your home. Glass sinks are impact resistant and durable. Unlike standard stainless steel and porcelain sinks, glass sinks do not stain or scratch.  Additionally, glass sinks offer a wow factor to any kitchen or bathroom because of their artistic design and the variety of colors and patterns.

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Although there is a general misconception on the strength of glass, glass sinks can actually withstand similar wear and tear compared to standard porcelain sinks. They are both relatively comparable in strength. For example, if you drop a heavy object that breaks a glass sink, that same object would have most likely broken a porcelain sink as well. The standard rule of thumb is- the thicker the glass, the stronger it is. However, most glass sinks are unaffected by small accidents, like dropping a plastic water bottle into the sink.

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One issue that may cause your glass sink to break is thermal shock. Thermal shock typically occurs when there is a rapid fluctuation in temperature. In other words, you want to avoid pouring boiling water of over 120 degrees into your glass sink. The sudden change in temperature can effectively cause the glass to shatter and crack. Once the glass sink is shattered or cracked, the whole glass sink must be replaced. This is why you must be very careful not to chip the edges of your glass sink because it may weaken its structure. However, thermal shock is generally rare in homes because hot water coming from the tap generally ranges from 100-110 degrees. Thermal shock generally only occurs on job sites where the glass sinks are left unattended and their temperature is unregulated.

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Glass sinks are a beautiful and durable alternative to standard porcelain and stainless steel sinks. They are tough enough to hold up to normal everyday wear and tear. If maintained properly, glass sinks can remain just as beautiful as the day they were first installed.

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