Are Glass Countertops Worth the Investment?

You’ve done some preliminary research into the cost of glass countertops and found they were a little more expensive than what you’re budgeting for. You’ve heard a lot of good things about glass as a countertop material, but you’re not entirely sold. Should you take the time to save up a little more money so you can expand your budget or is it within your best interest to search for a different type of countertop?

We’d recommend a glass countertop for a lot of reasons. If you’re still on the fence, then keep reading!


The first great quality about a glass countertop is its appeal. Whether you’re planning for your countertop in the bathroom, the kitchen, or even both, you’ve probably decided to upgrade because your older countertop doesn’t fit the bill anymore. Perhaps it’s outdated, it clashes with the rest of your décor, or it’s falling apart.

A glass countertop never goes out of style, so you don’t have to worry about it looking dated after a few years. With the wealth of color options you get through CBD Glass, color clashes are a thing of the past as well. We allow our customers to design their countertops and other glass accent pieces their way.

Through the many customization options offered, you get to pick the exact hue your countertop is colored. Perhaps that’s a nice, neutral tone like a gray, beige, or silver. If you like more colorful installations, you might gravitate more towards a bright blue, red, orange, or yellow. You can even get metallics through the many color options CBD provides its customers.

Each color, or even a combination of colors, is imparted into the glass through a process known as backpainting. With this, our CBD staff paints the underside of the glass so that as you look down at your countertop, you see rich color everywhere.


Although you might not think the words “glass” and “durability” go together, that couldn’t be any further from the truth. At CBD Glass, we only produce glass accent pieces for the home and office that are tough and durable. As the customer, it’s your choice how thick your glass will be, with several glass thicknesses offered.

CBD is known for its high-quality products that hold up remarkably well, even several years after you got it installed. You can trust in glass’ durability with our countertops and other pieces.


Your countertop gets a lot of activity, especially if it’s in your kitchen. There’s food prep and maybe even a few meals enjoyed on this countertop. In the bathroom, this is where your family goes about their daily hygiene routines.

In short, your countertop can get dirty in a jiffy. Rather than run out to the grocery store or a local retailer to buy a pricy cleaning product, you can use the dish soap you already have at home. We would advise you to get a soft cloth if you don’t own one, as this prevents scratching while cleaning.

Since glass is non-porous, there are no crevices for germs and bacteria to hide. That makes it a more hygienic solution for the home. You just wipe it and let it dry in one direction and your glass countertop is clean and ready for further use. It couldn’t be easier!