Are Glass Countertops Heat-Resistant?

You hadn’t thought your countertop could burn until it happened to you. You left a hot pot or a pan on the counter for too long thinking it would be fine. Then, when you lifted the pot, you realized that it left a horrible burn ring on your countertop.

You tried your best to remove the stain with baking soda, lemon juice, and just about any and every household product under the sun, but to no avail. You even considered painting your counter before you decided against it.

In the end, you chose to upgrade your countertops. One of the counter materials that’s caught your eye is glass. You like the modernity and freshness of a glass countertop, but you can’t help but wonder. Is glass heat-resistant or can it stain like your old counters did?

Glass is a very heat-resistant material. If you put a hot pan or pot on a glass counter after the pan comes off the stove, it won’t leave the telltale black ring on your counter. There’d be no staining at all.

The glass is unaffected, so there’s no need to stress about shrinkage, warping, or other signs of damage.

Don’t think that glass counters are impervious to all damage though, as that’s not true. If you scratch a glass countertop too hard, such as with metal cooking items or a knife used without a cutting board, you can leave nicks.

Slamming items on a glass counter can chip it and even crack it. This is true of all countertop materials though.

If you’re considering glass for your next kitchen countertop, our team at CBD Glass is ready to help. We’re a Toronto, Ontario, Canada glass manufacturer that works with customers to produce tailored glass accent pieces.

That’s right, you get to customize all the elements of your glass countertop. If you want a straight-ahead rectangular or square-shaped counter, our team can make that happen. We can also design rounded and curvy counters that don’t quite fit conventional shapes.

We offer an array of glass thickness options to ensure your glass counter is very durable. You can choose from two glass bases too; our pale aqua blue glass or translucent glass.

Those aren’t all the options we give you, not even close. You can also get your glass countertop backpainted, where our pros at CBD will paint a layer of color beneath the glass that reflects through to the top.

We can texturize the top, sides, and edges of your glass counter. The extensive variety of glass textures we offer look amazing on their own but are especially stunning when combined with our backpainting.

You can even illuminate your kitchen counter with high-quality, durable LED lighting. Whether you opt for timeless white or you select a colored LED, the dimensions of the textured glass will come to life in a brand-new way.

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