Are Glass Countertops Expensive?

Your research into glass countertops has brought you to this blog. After reading through some posts for research, you’re more interested in ever than getting a glass countertop installed in your home. You think it’s just what your kitchen could use, but you don’t want to get ahead of yourself quite yet.

Before you begin sketching out what your dream kitchen would look like, you need to know more about the price of glass countertops. How much can you expect to pay for a service like this?

Pricing can vary depending on the company you work with as well as the scope of your project. At CBD Glass, a Canadian glass studio, we sell glass items of all kinds. These range from integrated glass kitchen sinks to vanities, backsplashes, glass bricks, partitions, frameless shower doors, and more. Even better is we allow you to customize almost any of these items.

You can select from such features as the glass shape, size, and thickness, its base color, whether the glass will have any texturing, if you want edgework (textured edging), backpainting (coloring the glass), and/or LED lights. Adding these features can drive up the cost, so for the sake of this post, we’ll just use a plain glass countertop as an example.

According to ImproveNet, in 2020, glass countertops cost $75 for each square foot on the lower end and up to $105 a square foot on the higher end. Those are national averages, so prices could be different depending where you live. Also, keep in mind those costs aren’t for the entire countertop, but per square foot. Please keep in mind this is an estimate from another source, our pricing is always custom per project, please contact us for more accurate pricing on your project.

An average-sized countertop is 30 square feet. If the materials cost $75, your countertop would be $2,250. If you opted for more expensive glass that is $105 for each square foot and you had 30 square feet of countertop, that’s $3,150.

Those prices aren’t bad, but they do only account for the countertop itself. You still need to get it installed. HomeAdvisor, in data from 2020, says you may be charged for installation work at an hourly rate of $30 to $80. This is again a case in which the cost very much differs based on the manufacturer you work with. How complex the job is can also play a role in price.

For a cheaper countertop, you’re looking at a range of $2,280 to $2,330 overall for the project. If you don’t mind paying extra, a pricier countertop could be $3,180 to $3,230.

This isn’t the world’s cheapest project, but with a higher price tag comes more quality materials and exemplary craftmanship that will ensure you have your glass countertop for years. You may have to save for a few months to fit your new countertop into your budget, but the results will certainly be more than worth it.

If you’re seeking a manufacturer to shop your glass countertop and get it installed, look no further than CBD Glass. We can get you a quote quickly. All we need is some information about your project, including measurements and/or blueprints. Call us today at 1-855-872-4223.