Are Glass Countertops Easy to Maintain?

Sometimes, it feels like you want the best of both worlds. Like most people, you desire a kitchen countertop that can act as the centerpiece of the room. Ideally, you’d love if this countertop maintained itself easily as well. After all, you have quite a busy schedule. You’re more of a get up and go type of person than someone who can linger in the morning.

Yet for every type of countertop you’ve searched for, it seems like you’re sacrificing one over the other. Either the countertop is easy to maintain but lacks in the looks department, or it’s so beautiful but hard to stick with upkeep. Is there no happy medium?

With a glass countertop from CBD Glass, there is no need to sacrifice looks nor ease of use. We’re a Canadian-based glass manufacturing company that specializes in home accents like countertops, backsplashes, frameless shower doors, wine cellars, glass furniture, bar tops, and so much more.

Our customers rave about our countertops for a few reasons. One of these is because of how easy they are to clean and maintain. When it comes to tending to a metal countertop, you have to use a specialized cleaner. That’s often the case with many other common countertop materials.

While there’s no need to dump your glass cleaner if that’s what you prefer, you can also rely on some dish soap and water to wipe your glass countertop free of fingerprints, stickiness, and crumbs. A soft cloth rather than a paper towel is best so you don’t accidentally scratch the surface of the glass.

Really, that’s about all there is to maintaining your glass countertop. When you see messes, you wipe them away on the spot. Glass doesn’t really stain (something we’ve discussed on this blog before), but spill residue can linger, leaving a blemish on your countertop. You want to get rid of that as soon as you can.

Besides that, you do want to take close care of your countertop. While the glass chosen for our accent items here at CBD is quite durable, no glass is unbreakable. Careless use, rather from yourself or another member of your family, can cause premature and sometimes permanent problems with the glass.

As for other reasons why our glass countertops are best-sellers on CBD Glass, it could be because of the wealth of customization options we offer our customers. We give you the freedom to create an accent piece your way rather than preselect one out of a catalogue. If you want your glass thicker, colored, textured, or even illuminated with LEDs, contact our CBD staff, as we can make all those dreams a reality.

Our team would be happy to talk to you today. You can reach out via our website to request your quote. Once we have more information about your project ideals, we can let you know how much the work may cost. If it’s easier for you, you may also call (416-398-6890), email us, or send us an online message through our site.