Are Glass Countertops Durable?

You’ve narrowed down the countertop materials you’re most interested in for your kitchen remodel, and glass is unsurprisingly at the top of that list. Still, you’ve yet to pull the trigger until you can do some more research. That’s why you’re here.

One question that’s echoing in your head is regarding the durability of glass. We’ve all accidentally shattered a mirror, perhaps even a window made of glass at some point in our lives, and it didn’t seem to take much effort to break. Are glass countertops durable?

Well, the good news about a glass countertop is that it’s thicker than your average window or mirror; a lot thicker. Also, when you order your kitchen countertop through our team at CBD Glass, you can ensure you’re getting only the highest-quality products the way you want them. In allowing our customers to create and customize the glass accent items of their dreams, you can select the thickness of your glass countertop.

If you compare glass countertops to highly favored materials like marble or granite, you’ll find that, pound for pound, the strength of these is about the same to glass. That can also be said of the durability of your glass countertop.

Since your countertop would go in your kitchen, you may worry about using heat sources around the glass. While it’s good to be cautious, you’re worrying over nothing. As we’ve explained on our blog recently, glass is considered non-porous. This means that it can resist heat incredibly well and is at no risk of melting, burning, or scorching around high heat.

As for cracking, that’s not something that happens commonly either. Now, don’t get us wrong; no glass is invincible. If you misuse your glass countertop, such as putting excessive weight on it, then it could crack or break. Otherwise, you may notice fine chips and scratches. Neither are good, but are only resultant of severe abuse of the countertop. If you’re a generally careful person around your countertop and your family treats it with respect as well, you’ll have your glass countertop for years.

One area that can damage the countertop besides misuse is cleaning it with heavy chemicals. As we talked about in our most recent blog post, there’s no need to use these cleaners with a glass countertop. A soft cloth with soap and water will do. If you must stick with a store-bought cleaner, then make sure its chemical composition isn’t excessive.

We hope this post cleared up any misconceptions you may have had about glass countertops and other accent items. Unlike what most people believe, glass is an incredibly durable material that can hold up for decades with the right care. If you’re interested in a glass countertop for your kitchen, we encourage you to get in touch with our team at CBD Glass today.

We’d love to hear about your project goals, especially if you have additional information like blueprints and/or drawings to share with us. Our team can then get you a quote and we can finalize your project. It’s even possible to get your glass kitchen countertop backpainted for some fun, beautiful color or illuminated with LED lights. The choice is yours!