Are Glass Countertops as Strong as Stone?

CBD Glass offers a wide variety of glass products to bring the beauty of glass into your home or office. Whether it is a glass sculpture or glass countertop, all of our glass is of the highest grade to ensure you it will last a lifetime. People may see glass as something extremely fragile but fail to understand that glass can be made into a very strong product. Glass can make a great replacement for the more traditional stone countertops. With all the products that we offer we are sure you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Here are some things you will need to know when deciding if glass will be a good fit for your project.


Many people opt into using stone for their countertops because they believe it is stronger than glass. That may have been the case in the beginning but with the techniques that have been created, glass has actually become a great alternative to granite or stone for many different reasons. Working with glass offers many advantages compared to using traditional stone countertops, not only does glass bring more beauty and elegance than more traditional materials but it also has many other advantages. Glass is very easy to maintain, it is a non-scratch, non-stain material which makes using it as your countertop a perfect decision. With the process we use of heat treating the glass it actually makes the glass have a very high tensile strength which allows for a tremendous amount of weight to be placed on it. Glass can be cut and shaped to fit any area perfectly and is easy to install.


Along with strength and durability, glass also make a great product for your kitchen countertops because of its hygenic, anti-bacterial, and mold resistant properties. Because glass is not porous and can be made into a very smooth surface it doen’t let bacteria hide in any cracks which inhibits the growth of bacteria as well as makes it very easy to clean with simple window cleaner. Most people with granite or stone countertops have to use a cutting board, but glass cuts that out of the picture. Glass is extremely scratch resistant and can only be scratched by a diamond. For ladies this is a great way to see if that diamond ring you received is real!

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Glass is a great way of bringing something different and useful into your home. It can enhance any room or kitchen and makes any ordinary area look extraordinary. We have everything you need for all of your home or office projects and because of our customizable project planner we are able to work with your budget and space. There are many upsides to using glass in your kitchen from its anti-bacterial propterties to the strength it has. We hope that CBD Glass will be your one stop shop for all of your glass needs!