Are Glass Backsplashes Going Out of Style?

You consider yourself a trendy individual, and your home décor certainly reflects that. Each year, you like to take the time to reconsider certain pieces if they’re no longer regarded as well as they once were.

You have a glass backsplash in your kitchen, and you’re wondering if this will be the latest home addition to go, soon to be replaced by something more popular. Just how well are glass backsplashes faring in 2020? Have they already gone out of style? Will they soon do so?

The good news is that no, backsplashes aren’t out of the spotlight. They’re still as beloved and useful as ever, but the trends surrounding them are shifting. Here’s a list of popular backsplash styles you may want to copy for your kitchen this year.

More Color

Given that CBD Glass offers colored backpainting for almost all its glass accent pieces, you may be following this trend already with your home décor. Rather than sticking to monochromes or neutrals though, bright, colorful kitchens are in for this year.

In fact, the more vivid and eye-catching the colors, the better. Given that backpainting allows our CBD team to capture as many hues as you could want, you can decorate your backsplash so it’s more on-trend.

Shiny Finishes

If you want to tone it back on the color a bit, that’s okay. Shiny finishes are also in vogue for backsplashes in 2020. This can be achieved all sorts of ways, but glass naturally has a smooth texture that makes it great for shine.

If you want shine in a more literal context, CBD happily offers backlighting with LEDs. An illuminated glass countertop could light up that backsplash, giving it a whole new dimension!

Bigger Tiles

No matter your preferred backsplash material, this year, it seems that bigger truly is better. If you want to upgrade the size of your backsplash tiles, that’s no problem here at CBD. We allow you to customize nearly every aspect of your backsplash, including the size and shape of the glass used.

Whether you want your backsplash to be one large piece or several tiles compiled into one, we give our customers the freedom to choose.

Taller Backsplashes

Rather than just cover a portion of your kitchen wall, the backsplashes of 2020 take over the whole thing. From the counter to the ceiling, the sky is literally the limit here. These seamless backsplashes ensure that no matter how messy it gets in your kitchen, the walls are never damaged. That’s pretty great peace of mind!

If you have only a small backsplash and you wish to expand upon it this year, our CBD team could get you a whole-wall backsplash you love.

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As we’ve proven, glass backsplashes are not falling out of style anytime soon. In fact, they’re trendier than ever before, not to mention bigger and better. Don’t miss out on this amazing trend. Call CBD Glass today to discuss your glass backsplash project!