Architectural Glass vs Decorative Glass

Architectural glass can be defined as functional glass, which is used as a building material while decorative glass is used for decorative purposes. CBD Glass produces both of these forms of glass and they are not mutually exclusive! All of the architectural glass we produce is decorative in nature and many of our decorative pieces have some architectural form as well.  Let’s check out some examples of both.

CBD Architectural Glass Examples:

Architectural glass includes anything that adds functionality to your home, for example:



Architectural glass windows are functional but still add some decorative color, appeal and design to your home.window(butterfly)

Front Doors:

Doorlight (textured)

Though these Front doors are simple architectural designs, the big rectangular frame design they have is a beautiful but simple decorative design.Door inserts

Shower Doors:

Clear shower unit

Here is a perfect example of how architectural glass can still be decorative. The glass shower door adds a certain look and feel to their home while keeping water within the shower. This is an example of CBD’s impressive Glass Shower Door Design.ShowerUnit



The sink is considered an area which is functional and a part of the architectural glass category. This beautifully designed glass has been treated in order to achieve a marble like touch with a reflective glass surface. This adds a wonderful modern look to your sink and makes for an easy clean too! This is another example of CBD’s Glass Designs and how glass can add a decorative touch to your home.Neena'sGoldstreamSink2



Simple lighting can add a decorative touch to your glass countertops while adding some functionality. Adding some lighting to your glass is a great way to light up your kitchen area at night (For late night snacks) and give your home a modern touch. The example above is a CBD Glass Design with Custom LED lighting to add a beautiful touch.

Glass Countertop (6)

Bar tops:

Leonor curved bartop

Bar tops require a lot of maintenance depending on the material used, glass is an easy material to maintain while adding amazing color and design. The example above shows the Versatility of glass and the delicate work done here at CBD.Outside bartop1


Island (Burov)

This example is mix between Architectural and Decorative glass because of its back painted glass and highly functional design. Glass Islands are a popular choice for larger kitchen, CBD works on all forms of glass design with expertise.Glass island (Susan Patel)4

As you can see, glass will add a wonderful modern look to your home when going for a simple functional design. Here at CBD we take pride in making architectural glass as beautiful as it is functional!

Decorative Glass Examples:

Decorative glass includes anything that supplements glass for your home for decorative purposes, may be functional as well.

Decorative Walls

Below is an example of how we can turn a simple hall way into an Experience!

Decorative glass wall Enns1

This is an example of the work we do here at CBD, we want our decorative glass to really create an environment for your home. The glass panels and shapes along with a skylight makes you feel like an astronaut looking out of his/her space ship!Miranda's wall

Decorative Glass Panels

Below is an example of how a Decorative glass panel can be unique for each individual.

Sudan panels

CBD’s textured glass is a great way to decorate any business or home, adding a touch of aqua clear and LED’s puts you right next to the beach! Here you can see how the glass has no other function besides a mood, look and feel that are purely decorative.Textured panels (Stan)

Decorative Glass Dividers

Glass Dividers are used for dividing up spaces within your home, below is an example of a Decorative Glass Divider which is delicately separating each area.

tub divider(textured)

Simple designs can add a feeling of light and space to your home while supplementing to it.Divider (column)

Decorative Windows

Windows are a functional design, but when you add a little bit of flavor they can become a Decorative  Glass Design. The example below is a Decorative Glass Window made here at CBD,

2 Colored windows full size

Patterns and shapes create an image of fish swimming across an endless glass ocean. Adding creative designs to your windows is a great way to add your personality to your home.


Decorative Glass Door Light

Glass is such a unique material for some of its amazing qualities, one of those being its transparency. When glass is used for designing a door (or part of) it allows for light to shine through it and into your home.


This Decorative Glass Door Light above is an example of how you can add a beautiful design to your doors.Mila & Alex (doorlight)

Decorative Glass Fountain

Fountains are found in large homes, malls, parks and many other areas with enough space. Decorative glass fountains are a great way to welcome guests at a hotel or even add splash to your pool at home. Below is one of CBD’s popular Decorative Glass Fountain Designs,

Glass Fountain full size 8 x 6

Giant water like glass panels seem to splash out of this beautiful glass fountain made here at CBD. We enjoy creating designs that captivate the audience and this piece is one of those!

Decorative Glass Skylights

Allowing natural light to enter your home will liven up your mood throughout the day, below is an example of how a calming sensation can come from a Decorative Glass Skylight,

Glass Skylight

This pearly white fogged glass allows for just enough light to enter your home, it is similar to a beautiful cloud that only adds to the sky’s beauty. This is one of CBD’s Decorative Glass Skylights and another example of our Decorative Glass Designs.Glass Skylight (colored)

Decorative Glass Floors

A Cool Antarctic like blue puts you in the ice ages while keeping room temperature! Below is an amazing example of how glass is a great material to work with and the options are endless,


CBD tries to adapt and evolve in order to create some of the most unique designs possible. Your vision is our vision and we hope to create that for you with every thermoformed piece of glass we use!


We hope you enjoyed our article on Architectural glass and Decorative Glass, if you want more information on how we can help produce either for your project feel free to click on the link or call: 416-398-6890