Architectural Glass Kitchen Countertops

You always tried to be careful when using your kitchen countertops, as did your family. Then one day, bam! You hadn’t realized you had left dinner in the oven too long, so you dropped the huge tray you had been holding to grab the burnt chicken remains from the oven.

Not only was dinner ruined, but your counter was too. The tray left a huge scratch on the counter that no amount of buffing could completely remove.

You’ve decided that it’s finally time for a new kitchen countertop, and your main priority is durability. That’s why you’re thinking that perhaps a metal counter could be the right option for you.

Allow us to introduce you to architectural glass, a standard we offer here at CBD Glass. What is architectural glass, you ask? It’s a type of glass that’s favored for erecting buildings because it’s that durable.

Yes, many people mistakenly think that the words “glass” and “durability” don’t go together at all, but you’d be surprised! Our high-quality architectural glass is built to last for a multitude of reasons.

For one, we give our customers the option to select the thickness of their glass countertops and other accent items. In your case, you probably want a thicker counter rather than a thinner one. We’ve got you covered, as you can order your counter up to two inches thick.

Also, let’s say it again. Architectural glass is used in construction projects such as external walls and internal partitions. Like construction teams only build with wood, steel, and other strong materials, that alone should convince you of the durability of our architectural glass.

If you decide to order your glass countertops through our team at CBD Glass, you’ll be completely impressed from the start of the project planning process through to the end. Our team has many years of experience planning, designing, building, and installing glass accent pieces, including glass fixtures, wine cellars, backsplashes, shower enclosures and shower doors, fireplaces, entertainment centers, kitchen islands, and so much more.

Customers love how much freedom they get in the design process. Outside of choosing how thick your architectural glass countertop is, you can also select its shape, size, and color. We provide color to our glass accent pieces through a one-of-a-kind service known as backpainting. The variety of colors you have to choose from is astounding.

Our texture work will also make your glass countertop unique and beautiful in addition to being strong and functional. Here is our full list of available glass textures for our countertops:

Unda countertop texture
Unda countertop texture

Melting Ice

You should consider our LED lighting, which introduces more color to your architectural glass countertop while also providing a lovely, calming glow. Getting that midnight snack in the kitchen just became instantly more appealing!

We make it easy to get started too. You can reach our CBD Glass team through our website or by phone to discuss your project. Why not get in touch today?