An Overview of our Glass Techniques

Here at CBD Glass we employ a lot of different glass techniques to achieve exactly what our clients are looking for.  These are techniques that we have mastered over the years and allow us to do things with glass that most of our competitors wouldn’t even dream of.  Below is an overview of our different glass techniques:

#1 – Carving

The art of glass carving is something that we take very seriously at CBD Glass and is only done by our most trained glass artisans.  This process requires great attention to detail and patience, the end product gives a three-dimensional feel to the glass artwork applied which looks incredible.  We can have our glass artisans carve almost any piece of intricate art you can imagine into glass surfaces and we take pride in knowing that our work is second to none.  Below is a preview of some our glass carving work:

#2 – Sandblasting

Sandblasting is a technique we used to create different forms of frosted glass for a variety of different services.  It is done by blasting certain areas of the glass using a fine grit, which can be refined to exact portions of the glass to achieve a variety of different designs. Below is an example:

4 Panels

#3 – Fusing

Glass fusing is a unique technique that we use for very special pieces.  This technique joins two pieces of glass together by putting them on top of one another and applying the right amount of fire to create a rare and beautiful piece of glass art. Below is an example:


#4 – Slumping

Slumping is one of our most technical glass processing techniques which allows us to create unique bends and molds.  The process works by melting glass at various different forms of firing and then placing it into a special kiln, using a separation agent to remove it once formed, and then holding the glass at a certain temperature for an extended period of time. Below is an example:


#5 – Casting

Casting is one of the most ancient forms of glass art work, dating back to the Ancient Eqyptian age.  The process involves puting molten glass into a specific mold for it to harden into a particular shape.  Check out some examples below:

thumb_l_891 thumb_l_192

#6 – Melting

Our “melting” technique is actually more like forming molten glass into specific looks that resemble melting ice.  This technique provides us with one our most popular textures for glass countertops which can be seen below:


#7 – Sculpturing

Sculpting is the technique we use for some of our most complex pieces of glass art.  This technique provides some of our most beautiful work as seen below:

Glass-comet-sculpture-in-Murano Sculpture5 Glass sculptures 2 Sculpture (Soheil masun)

If you’re interested in learning more about our glass techniques or would like to request a quote for any of our unique glass creations please contact us today!