An Intro to Our Cast Glass Technique

Here at CBD Glass, we’re proud to offer our customers a variety of services. Yes, there’s our wealth of customizable glass items, but what we can do to the glass makes our work here that much more extraordinary. For instance, for tiles and glass bricks, we can cast the glass for beautiful results.

Curious as to what it means when we cast glass? Then you’ve come to the right place. Read on, as we’re about to explain it!

What Is the Cast Glass Technique?

The cast glass technique involves using casts or molds to change the shape and appearance of glass. From metal, graphite, or sand molds to kiln casting, plenty of options exist. When you order your cast glass project from us here at CBD Glass, we can decorate it with such features as flakes of silver and gold, hand-painted designs, and interior painting so the colors almost reflect out. It’s truly a beautiful glass product that could slot in well for your next commercial or residential project.

Which Items Can You Get Casted?

Currently, CBD Glass only offers two items for glass casting, our glass bricks and our glass tiles. Fear not, though, as you have a wealth of styles for casting. These include the following:

  • Roof tiles
  • Standard glass tiles
  • Junior tiles
  • Small glass inserts
  • Half glass inserts
  • Standard glass inserts
  • Corner bricks with a left curve 15 ¾ inches
  • Corner bricks with a right curve 15 ¾ inches
  • Left bricks for 11 ¾-inch square columns that are 7 7/8 inches
  • Right bricks for 11 ¾-inch square columns that are 7 7/8 inches
  • 1/22 glass for columns
  • 1/16 glass for columns
  • ¼ glass for columns
  • 1/8 glass for columns
  • ½ glass for columns
  • Oscar #50 (squat glass brick)
  • Oscar #100 (longer glass brick)
  • Half glass brick
  • Full glass brick

What Color Choices Do You Have Available?

What kinds of colors can you customize your casted glass bricks or tiles? There’s no shortage of options, honestly. Any color you can imagine, our team here at CBD Glass can accent your cast glass item with. We can also detail the tile or brick so it looks even more amazing. Here are some options to consider:

  • Finishes such as satin, silver, or gold
  • Special treatments in hues like silver and white, gold and white, or just silver or gold
  • Soul treatment, where white gets swirled into a color of your choice to create a tremendous effect
  • Cloud treatment, which has the look of the Soul treatment, but much more wispy

Ready to Order Your Cast Glass Tiles or Bricks Today? Call Us at CBD Glass

If you’re intrigued by our cast glass tiles or bricks and want to learn more, then why not contact our team at CBD Glass? You can ask for a quote right on our website. To talk more about your project today, send us an email at info@cbdglass.com or give us a call at 1-855-872-4223. We look forward to talking with you!