All About Our Glass Inserts

If you’ve read this blog before, then you’re probably well aware that our staff here at CBD Glass specialize in all sorts of home improvement projects with glass. These include glass fixtures, wine cellars, glass bricks, furniture, railings, shower enclosures and shower doors, frameless glass doors, decorative glass items, partitions, sinks and vanities for the bathroom, backsplashes and kitchen islands, and countertops.

One of our products that doesn’t come up quite as often is our glass inserts. That’s why we thought we’d discuss these today. Whether you’re planning a late summer home remodel or you’re dreaming up autumnal renovations, we think you’ll want to know about these awe-inspiring inserts.

What Are Our Glass Inserts?

Our glass inserts at CBD Glass are like a smaller version of our glass doors or partitions. You still get the benefits of more sunlight in whatever rooms have the inserts, but without too much light flowing in. You also don’t have to stress about privacy, since most of these panels are small enough that it’d be difficult to see into them. We often texture the bigger panels so they’re not at all see-through.

Both our commercial and residential clients have raved about our glass inserts. After all, the inserts can add personality to a bland space or make a dark room look sunnier without the need for windows.

What Rooms Can You Get the Glass Inserts Installed?

That’s another perk of our glass inserts: our team can install them in just about any room and they’ll look good!

Here’s some rooms and spaces our clients have chosen for our glass inserts. These ideas can inspire your creativity:

  • Along the wall behind a staircase
  • On the walls of a large office atrium
  • On either side of a TV and fireplace in an entertainment room
  • At a bar or restaurant for ambiance
  • Hanging in an office entryway

Those are just some examples of many. Whether you want your glass inserts in your home’s entryway, a bedroom or spare room, the bathroom, or the family room, we can guarantee they’ll improve the space in many ways. The same is true if you have an office or another commercial business that you want to jazz up with our glass additions.

Can You Get the Inserts Textured or Backpainted?

If you’re interested in our glass texturing or backpainting, you may wonder if you can get these services done on your glass panels. The answer? Absolutely! In fact, most of our clients ask our team to carve a special pattern into each panel. You could go for a cool abstract design like wavy lines or something more recognizable like hearts or starfish.

You can also get your glass inserts colored any hue imaginable. We’ll gladly combine colors to make each insert unique, like its own special work of art that you happen to own.

Ready to Plan Your Glass Insert Project Today? Call Us at CBD Glass

We hope we’ve piqued your interest in CBD Glass’ amazing glass inserts. To start discussing your project with our team, call 1-855-872-4223.