Adding Home Value Through Kitchen Remodels

You still proudly remember the day you got the keys to your house. In the years since, you’ve made many alterations, and all of them for the better. You’ve kind of become obsessed with making your home the best it can be to maintain its curb appeal.

It’s not that you’re thinking of moving out anytime soon. You just like the thought of knowing that your home would be worth significantly more than what you bought it for years back.

You’ve lately turned your attention to the kitchen. You already did some work in this room, but not much. You know you can go a lot bigger and better than repainting the room or replacing a lighting fixture or two.

You can indeed, and our team at CBD Glass is here to help! We’re a Canadian custom glass manufacturer that specializes in kitchen additions.

One of our biggest sellers is our glass kitchen countertops. Glass is a smart material for kitchen counters in every single way. Unlike Formica, glass is a timeless countertop material that will look as good in your home 10 years from now as it does today.

The nonporousness of glass resists bacteria, and glass won’t stain if you use your kitchen counters for a lot of meal prep.

glass countertop

The perfect accompanying piece to your new glass countertop is a glass kitchen island. We allow you, the customer, to select how thick your glass is so your kitchen island is well-suited to stand up to the everyday rigors of your kitchen.

If you recently repainted or wallpapered your kitchen, then you’ll want to protect the walls. Our glass backsplashes are the ultimate solution. Glass cleans exceptionally easily, so keeping your backsplash tidy will be as quick as one, two, three.

All you need is a microfiber cloth, mild dish detergent, and lukewarm water. You won’t even have to put in any elbow grease to get food debris off the backsplashes.

glass backsplash

You can customize the shape of your backsplash so it expands over the entire wall or only a portion, such as directly over your oven or stovetop.

When you choose CBD Glass for your glass kitchen remodel, you can be sure you’ll increase your home value. Our high-quality custom options are decorative and highly appealing.

You can select from a variety of colors through a one-of-a-kind service called backpainting that our team offers. If you wish to customize the texture of your glass counter or backsplash, that’s another service you can request.

We’ll even install LED lighting throughout your kitchen. When you turn off the kitchen lights at night and allow the LEDs to fill the room, the texture and dimension of your glass kitchen additions will shine in their full glory.

Your kitchen will also be a safer place for those midnight snackers in your family who just can’t stay out of the fridge.

To explore your custom kitchen glass options, including counters, kitchen islands, backsplashes, and more, call us today!