About Us


Decorative glass is an extraordinarily versatile and beautiful architectural element for the way we live today, enhancing the elegance and style of any home and office, restaurant or hotel. Our team of highly skilled artists, committed to sophisticated European artisanship and innovative technology, create fabulous and functional glass designs that evoke the transcendent beauty of nature and other worldly wonders. Both simple forms and superlative spectacles — a flowing waterfall, desert sands, the resplendent colors of gemstones – inspire our work. Each piece of the company’s decorative glass, notable in the industry for technical and artistic sophistication, is created from a handcrafted original mold to create a unique work of art.

The CBD studio in Toronto, Canada is a fully equipped production facility with scientific research capabilities. As a result, we can offer our clients the advantages of in-studio innovations in texture, color, and forms. We offer both residential and commercial applications and full-service expertise from inspiration to completion.

CBD is a proud member of NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association) since 2002

CBD founder – Vladimir Fridman

A scientist knows the rules—an artist re-invents them. CBD founder Vladimir Fridman, a designer and engineer, was educated at University in Moscow and classically trained at the College of Art in that city, where he mastered the arts of glass, steel, marble, stone, wood and other materials. His scientific and artistic explorations have led to new techniques, textures, finishes, and machinery in the glass industry. While V. Fridman has specialized in glass for more than a decade, his fluency with a range of architectural materials opens many design possibilities for clients who wish to use glass combined with steel, wrought iron, marble, stone, wood, and other materials for additional color and texture.

CBD designs are manufactured in Canada and distributed through the company’s national sales office in New York. We are committed to creating the most beautiful and durable artistic glass to match your vision. We look forward to your inquiries about our wide range of design concepts, textures, colors and to working with you on your project.