A Touch of Elegance – Exploring the World of Artistic and Textured Glass Countertops for Your Home

A glass countertop is an elegant, appealing choice for the kitchen and bathroom. Glass looks great, maintains a timeless style for many years, and cleans exceptionally fast.

Better yet, glass doesn’t stain, it won’t crack or chip if you care well for it, and it’s nonporous, so it doesn’t hold onto germs like other countertop materials may.

What’s even better than a plain glass countertop is one with texturing. At CBD Glass, we offer an assortment of texture options sure to make your counters something special. Here’s an overview of what you can select.

textured glass panels
  • Armor: Like a coat of armor, the Armor texture is designed to be bold and protective. The raised bumps throughout look impactful.
  • Cobblestone: Designed after the cobblestone streets of yore, this glass texture has faux bricks interlaid together to create an old-timey yet elegant effect.
  • Escape: The sharp, angular lines of the Escape texture give this glass texture an artistic, abstract appearance that will lend some drama to your countertops.
  • Folded Glass: Despite the name, the Folded Glass texture looks more like rippling fabric. It’s quite a one-of-a-kind glass texture, we must say!
  • Forum: Incorporating spirals, grids, and other geographic shapes, the Forum texture will certainly create a lasting impact whether you select it for a kitchen or bathroom countertop.
  • Hail: The Hail texture has a wood-like vertical design with bubbles or circles interlaid at random intervals and at varying sizes throughout. It’s an interesting selection for sure!
  • Maze: Like those old computer screensavers, the Maze texture has interlacing blocks that make the name of this glass texture perfect.
  • Mirage: The Mirage glass texture for countertops has small crack-like lines throughout and a fine, speckled texture overlaid on top.
  • Mystique: The Mystique texture takes everything about the Mirage texture but makes it bolder and more in-your-face.
  • Phantom: The ultra-subtle rolling lines that comprise the Phantom texture will add delicate beauty to a glass counter, especially in the bathroom.
  • Slalom: Reminiscent of the ski slopes, the Slalom texture has wavy, delicate lines like a set of skis piercing through fresh snow.
  • Scrolls: The Scrolls texture looks like the earth’s surface shown from very far away. It’s not too overt.
  • Avalanche: One of our more popular textures, the Avalanche texture looks like melting snow or ice, with deep cracks in the ice. This texture would stand out especially well for a kitchen countertop.
  • Desert: The Desert texture looks like deep, cracked sand underfoot. This too would make a cool choice for texturing your glass kitchen counter or kitchen island!
  • Galaxy: Tranquil and appealing, the Galaxy texture resembles a starry sky as seen from above.
  • Stream: Like watching a slow-moving stream on a hot summer day, the rolling waters of the Stream texture are only partially textured. This would look exceptional in any bathroom.
  • Sandstorm: Another major favorite of our CBD customers is the Sandstorm texture. That’s because this texture leaves some nontextured glass areas while the rest features what looks like small grains of sand blowing away. You can choose between standard and semi-frost.
  • Trace: The Trace texture features heavy horizontal lines throughout that would make a major difference in the appearance of your glass counter, especially for a larger counter like in the kitchen.
  • Geo: Like the evolution of the Trace texture, the Geo glass texture features diagonal lines in addition to horizontal ones.
  • Cora: The Cora texture is for the bold. Thick vertical lines and frosted glass in between create a texture that would look right at home on a smaller counter.
  • Breeze: The Breeze texture is like another relative of the Geo but with undulating lines.
  • Melting Ice: We saved the most popular textured glass for last, Melting Ice! This sleek, self-named texture is our biggest seller at CBD Glass. Choose from standard and semi-frost.