A Look into CBD’s Special Glass Color Treatments

Here at CBD Glass, we understand that not all our clients want plain, translucent glass. That’s why one of our base options is pale aqua blue glass. This is still translucent, but it’s tinged a delicate, barely-there light shade of blue for some more pizzazz.

Want even more color options? We thought you’d might. In this blog post, we’re going to cover the dazzling array of special colored glass options available through CBD Glass.


If you favor earth tones or more metallic hues, then you’ll love our collection of metal color treatments. These shimmer like the real thing but are of course made of glass. Some of our metal color treatments are in very dark hues, such as dark brown or black, while others shine in shades of gold, silver, or copper.

Metallic-painted glass would look great in many applications. For instance, bathroom countertops or sinks would give off a classy air of sophistication if the glass were tinged a metal color.

Rainbow Brights

For every color of the rainbow you could ever crave for your home décor, CBD Glass can make it possible with our glass color treatments. Do you prefer the passion of bold red or orange? Perhaps you’re a bigger fan of sunny yellow or inspiring green. If you like deep jewel tones like navy blue or rich purple, you can have those as well.

We think our rainbow colors would look great on a more creative glass installation, such as a kitchen backsplash. After all, who says a backsplash has to be plain and boring? You could also dress up glass doors or partitions with colorful shades of the rainbow.


Not everyone likes the bright brashness of primary colors, and that’s okay. By muting those shades ever so slightly, you get a workable pastel. While this glass color treatment doesn’t stand out that much, a lighter red countertop could match if your kitchen already has darker red décor. See now why it’s worth considering?


If you liked more than one of the above ideas, there’s nothing wrong with that! Here at CBD Glass, we let you combine just about any glass color treatments that catch your eye. The following images are all creations from our happy clients.

This pastel pink and white glass panel is just vivid enough without being overpowering. It’s perfect for a bathroom or bedroom.

An ivory and dark brown swirl is mature and engaging. It would look fantastic in a home office, a kitchen, or even the bathroom.

Then there’s this combination of hues that almost looks like rushing water. This is something you’d want front and center, like in an entryway or living room.

Ready to Add Some Color to Your World? Call CBD Glass Today

If you’re inspired by any of the ideas we’ve shared in this post, then we encourage you to contact us at CBD Glass. You can call us at 1-855-872-4223 or email us at info@cbdglass.com to discuss your glass color treatment project today.