A Glimpse Into the Exotic Textures Offered by CBD Glass

One of the misconceptions about glass that we here at CBD Glass always strive to change is that it’s boring. While it’s true that many manufacturers (besides us, of course) tend to offer simple, plain translucent glass, trust us when we say that glass is anything but boring.

Yet if you’ve shopped with other manufacturers before, you probably skipped over glass in favor of a prettier, more eye-catching material made of metal or wood. What you find though is that over the years, these materials don’t hold up. They warp, they stain, they fade, and in short, they look ugly.

To show you just how interesting glass can be, especially that offered by CBD, we encourage you to read ahead. In this post, we’ll outline some of our most exotic glass textures. These will liven up any glass items, from tabletops to backsplashes, sinks, panels, and more!


A fashion staple for a reason, clothing, handbags, shoes, and just about anything else emblazoned with a snakeskin texture is just sexy. We think you’ll agree this trait also applies to glass, especially once you see our custom-made snakeskin glass pattern.

Available in larger or smaller squares, we design our snakeskin several ways. No matter how you cut it, it looks just as cool as the real thing. You’ll have people’s jaws dropping when they walk into your house.


Allow your home to feel like a jungle retreat with glass that’s patterned like the many rings and ridges of a tall and sturdy tree. The raised portions are texturally pleasing to the fingertips, and not only that, but they also create depth. This is a simple and unassuming glass pattern that would electrify a shower enclosure or countertop.

Tiger Stripes

The commanding presence of the big jungle cat can be yours with this appealing tiger stripe glass pattern. This texture is also pleasing to both the eyes and the fingers. The base is a flat, lightly-textured background that lets the raised tiger stripes be the star of the show.

Whether you leave this texture as is or get it backpainted with color (a service that’s offered exclusively by CBD Glass), we think these tiger stripes will make any part of your home or office look chic and contemporary.


If you are indeed a fan of color, then don’t miss our color-infused texture. This shiny, glossy glass pattern has large patches etched throughout. What’s far more noticeable are the six long rectangles stretching across the glass. Each is drawn in hues like bright blue, red, yellow, and green.

If you have a room in your home that could use a pop of color, such as a bathroom or a drab kitchen, this is the texture for you.

Zebra Stripes

Our last pick for must-have exotic glass textures is this zebra stripes option. The base texture of this glass has subtle horizontal ridges. Overlaid on top of that are the curling, curving zebra stripes. As unpredictable as the animal itself, these randomly-arranged stripes look very realistic.

Get your exotic glass textures today by calling us at CBD Glass!