8 Glass Countertop Ideas

Designing your kitchen or bathroom countertop is a big decision to make. If you’re feeling a little stumped on what you’d like your ideal glass countertop to look like, then this is the post for you. Ahead, we’ll share 8 of our favorite glass countertop ideas and examples from real CBD Glass customers.

Let’s begin!

Textured, LED-Illuminated Glass Kitchen Countertop

Our first pick is a fantastic glass kitchen countertop you’ll be in the mood to replicate ASAP. This CBD Glass customer chose a durable countertop with glass that’s 1 ½ inches thick. The Ultra Clear base is decorated with a Sandstorm texture–one of our bestselling textures here at CBD–as well as multicolored LED lights in hues like green, blue, and red.

Curvy Glass Kitchen Island Countertop

If you’re thinking you’d like a glass countertop for your kitchen island rather than the main counter, then take a look at this great example. Our happy CBD customer chose an Ultra Clear base, a glass thickness of 1 ½ inches, LED lighting, a Melting Ice texture, and multicolored inserts. Most noticeable is the curvy shape of this countertop.

Simple but Effective Glass Kitchen Countertop

If you’d prefer to skip some of the bells and whistles with your glass countertop, then you might be interested in a design such as this one. The Ultra Clear base of this simple glass kitchen countertop is 1 ½ inches thick with a subtle White Onyx color.

Shapely Glass Bathroom Countertop

Don’t forget the bathroom! This inventive CBD Glass customer opted for a shapely single-piece glass bathroom countertop with an Aqua Clear base, 1 ½ inch-thick glass, and glowing LEDs in deep hues. This is one way to make a statement!

Glass Kitchen Island Countertop That Goes to the Floor

Here’s another impactful glass countertop, this one for a kitchen island. Our pleased CBD customer requested their glass countertop extend down one side and to the floor! To keep the kitchen island attention-grabbing but not overly so, our customer chose a White Onyx color and white LED lights. The glass is 1 ½ inches thick.

Small but Efficient Glass Bathroom Countertop

If you’re lacking space in the bathroom, try a glass countertop design like this one. Small but sturdy with ¾-inch thick glass, the appealing backpainting really makes this countertop a winner!

Rounded Glass Kitchen Island Countertop

You’ll leave your friends and family green with envy when you get a glass kitchen island countertop designed like this. To cop the style, this CBD client opted for a glass thickness of 1 ½ inches, LED illumination, the Melting Ice texture, and an Aqua Clear base.

Eye-Catching Raised Glass Bartop

Raise the bar for your bartop with a glass countertop addition. This curvy, rounded creation has texturing around the edges for a real impact. The glass is still plenty tough at 1 ½ inches thick, and the Ultra Clear base lets all the texturing stand out!

You can only find designs like these and countless customizable others at CBD Glass. Call us today to discuss your glass countertop!