6 Glass Countertop Ideas for Your Kitchen

You know you want a glass countertop for your kitchen, but when it comes to narrowing things down to one design, you feel stuck. You’ve seen great ideas online and even in home improvement magazines, but none of them seem applicable to your kitchen. How can you possibly pick the right countertop for you?

Why not check out these six great glass countertop ideas? These are all real countertops CBD Glass customers have ordered, so they show the breadth of what our staff can do to make your kitchen dreams come true.

Melting Ice Textured Countertop with LED Lights

Our first countertop pick is a simple but appealing one. This customer ordered their glass countertop with an Aqua Clear base, then they opted for our melting ice texture. Finally, they got the entire thing illuminated with white LED lights. The result is a timeless kitchen countertop that stands out for its beauty.

Glass Countertop with Raised Glass Panels

You could almost call the raised glass panel here a backsplash, as it would certainly act like one. If you’re always a ball of frenzied chaos in the kitchen, then a countertop style like this is perfect for you. Reduce kitchen messes with glass, as it cleans up incredibly easily. Our CBD team can even add outlets and other must-haves to the glass panel.

Glass Countertop That Goes to the Floor

Why does the countertop have to end? This CBD customer requested that their countertop be more than just the top. It continues down the side of the cabinet to the floor. Immediately, a design like this grabs your attention because it defies how countertops usually look. The deep blue Aqua Clear base combined with the melting ice texture looks great as well.

Seamless Glass Countertop to Bar

If your glass countertop is part of a bigger project, such as getting a home bar installed, then this design should get your mental gears turning. The customer ordered a glass countertop with a backsplash that blends seamlessly into the wall of their bar. It’s a lot of glass, that’s for sure, but it makes for such a striking room.

Glass Countertop with Sandstorm Texture

Here’s another example of the kind of texture work our CBD staff is capable of. Our sandstorm texture is one of our best-sellers for a reason, as it looks absolutely incredible, especially on our Ultra Clear glass base. Make sure you get your glass countertop illuminated with LED lights like this customer did so the texture stands out all the more!

The Bartop/Countertop Combo

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got this creative project from one of our CBD customers. They ordered not only a glass countertop, but a glass bartop as well, another home accent piece we offer. Both are made from our Ultra Clear glass with different textures, the melting ice with white onyx. The star of this show is those vivid LEDs, which would make this cozy bar the place to be!