5 Glass Door Styles for Your Home

Glass doors are a wonderful addition to the home or office. Not only can they naturally let in sunlight, but the beauty they introduce to a room makes these doors absolutely worth having.

If you’re considering a glass door, you may not know which style would best suit your home office or place of work. Luckily, today, we’re going to discuss five classic yet breathtaking glass door styles sure to inspire.

Customized Semi-Sheer Glass Doors

The first of these glass doors would look stunning in a home entryway as well as leading into an office. This happy customer went with a semi-sheer glass door style. Thick, wavy patterns with a gold shimmer obstruct most of a person’s view into this room. The custom door handles match the pattern on the glass perfectly.

You might opt for a similar color scheme if you have a home with warm wooden accents. However, that gold hue is just one of countless others you can choose from as you decorate and design your glass door with our CBD Glass staff.

Etched Glass Doors

Using colored patterns isn’t the only way to keep prying eyes from seeing into your glass door. You can also utilize frosted glass as shown in this example. This etched design, which was custom, encompasses almost the entire door. A few sheer glass panels allow full sun in, but for the most part, this office is kept private.

If you wanted to get your company name or logo etched into a glass door, that’s absolutely a possibility with our staff at CBD Glass.

Custom Glass Panels on Either Side of an Opaque Glass Door

Don’t think that you always have to make sweeping changes to the glass door itself, because that’s not necessarily true. Just take a look at this stellar example from an inventive customer of ours.

On either side of the glass doors are large, floor-to-ceiling glass panels showing jazz players in a smoky club. The glass doors remain simple so as not to detract attention. They’re also entirely opaque so you can’t just see right in.

Decoratively Etched Glass Doors

You’ll have to pick your jaw up off the floor for this next one, but we don’t blame you. This pleased CBD customer went above and beyond, making their glass doors truly one of the most unique and appealing attractions in their home.

The glass doors featured a combination of decorative etching and white bird-like patterns across the glass. To take things even a step further, our customer opted for handmade gold medallions inlaid in both doors at the center. The gold hinges and other hardware drive the opulence home.

Frameless Creatively Etched Door

The last example of glass door styles we want to show you is this one. Yes, it’s another etched door, but it goes to show the breadth of what our CBD team can accomplish. This door has etchings that look like a bare tree with long, extending branches. A few leaves are on several of the branches while a few have flowers blooming.