5 Functional Glass Art Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

Here at CBD Glass we offer a variety of gorgeous modern glass pieces that have the capability of transforming your home, office, restaurant, or bar into a contemporary masterpiece.  We offer hundreds of different functional artistic glass pieces that have been used all over the world by thousands of different interior designers, architects, & savvy property owners.  In today’s blog post we will be focused on home renovations using our glass work that have the potential to completely change the look and feel of your home space.


# 1 – The World Famous Glass Waterfall Sink:

Waterfall-30 inches

This sink has been featured on countless news and media publications including this video by CBS and for good reason.  Adding this sink to your any of your bathrooms will take it from an ordinary experience to one that will leave your family and friends in awe.  The best part about this renovation is that it is an affordable option that has transformative possibilities.


# 2 – LED Backlit Kitchen Island Countertop

Dino countertop2

This stunning countertop features a fully backlit LED display that lights up blue, giving your kitchen island a modern beautiful look and feel.  This countertop is one of a series of different glass countertops we feature on the website.


# 3 – Backpainted Glass Backsplash


If you’re looking for a transformation to your kitchen that will completely change the look and feel of your space without breaking the bank then check out our collection of glass backsplashes.  These backsplashes can be part of a DIY kitchen makeover that can be both fun and functional and add to the overall property value of your home.


# 4 – Decorative Shower Partition

tub divider(textured)

This beautiful glass shower door partition is another fantastic, affordable way to transform your bathroom look and feel.  This is one of many different shower doors/partitions we offer on our website, feel free to browse our selection.


# 5 – Glass Sconces

Scounces full size

Perhaps the most affordable transformative glass piece on the list, these decorative glass sconces are a truly beautiful way to add to your home’s ambience and décor.  Any modern home is incomplete without beautiful sconces and our glass sconce collection is sure to impress even the most refined palate.


This list is just a taste of some of our most popular home glass pieces, check out our entire portfolio to see all of our work and feel free to contact us for any custom work or questions you might have!