4 Stunning Glass Kitchen Islands

Depending on your kitchen space and your vision for how you’d like your kitchen to operate, a glass kitchen island can be a trans-formative piece in your home.  At CBD Glass we’ve designed a variety of different stunning glass kitchen islands for our clients.  Let’s go through some of our favorites below:


#1 – White Onyx Stunner

This glass kitchen island was custom designed for one of our clients (along with the entire kitchen space), it features our White Onyx glass at 1.5″ thick, with brushed & polished edges along with LED under-lighting.  This island was featured on the prominent interior design blog HomeDSN:


Kiril2 glass kitchen islands


#2 – White Onyx Centerpiece

This next glass kitchen island was custom created by CBD to replace an exiting countertop that was originally a-fixed to the island.  When the new glass countertop was added to the island it transformed the kitchen into a modern space.  This countertop also featured our White Onyx Glass alongside 1.5″ thick glass and our signature LED lighting.

James Holda top


#3 – Aqua Clear Island

The below piece was another addition to an existing island.  Our client was looking for a way to get a calm, classy feel in their kitchen space and we delivered with a glass kitchen island that almost feels like a real tropical island.  This countertop features our Aqua Clear glass at 1.5″ thickness, with our melting ice texture and of course LED underlighting.

Kitchen 007


#4 – Glass & Wood Mega Island

This mega island was built for one of our exclusive clients who was looking to completely transform their current kitchen space.  One of the biggest kitchen islands we have developed, it features beautiful real hardwood sandwiched between our White Onyx glass with LED Underlighting.  It also has cutout’s made for a small in-island sink and quad burners.



These are just a few of the stunning custom glass island countertops we have developed for our clients.  If you’re interested in getting a quote or just learning more about any of our glass countertops contact us today.