4 Raised Glass Countertops with LEDs Backlighting

Do you want a showstopping countertop design that’s well outside of the norm? Allow us to introduce you to raised glass countertops with LED backlighting.

These counters are truly modern works of art, attracting attention and allure in any room they’re placed in.

In today’s article, we’ll showcase four such countertops so you can see the breadth of design options when you work with a team like CBD Glass Studios!

Textured and Raised Glass Counter with Blue LED Lights

This glass counter takes things up a notch with textured glass and a curvy shape. Here is a photo for reference:

We built this counter using ¾-inch glass in the shape and size that our customer requested. They also asked for the Unda texture, which is a wavy pattern that really adds a futuristic, almost psychedelic effect to the glass counter.

Blue LED backlighting and a raised counter height add further visual appeal to this head-turning counter, which is sure to be a talking point whenever guests come over!

Shapely and Fire-Polished Raised Glass Counter with Clear LED Lights

Here’s another doozy of a raised glass counter that’s sure to get those gears spinning in your head.

This customer opted for our Aqua Clear glass base, which features a nice tinge of teal blue. They chose the shape of the curvy counter as well, which is 1 ½ inches thick.

They selected texturing for the counter, this time our Melting Ice texture, which has a much more understated effect than the Unda texture.

Further, this customer asked for our fire-polished edges to add an extra dimension to the thick edges of the raised countertop. We think that was an excellent design choice.

Of course, we have to talk about the LEDs as well, which are clear yet enhance the counter.

Glass Counter with Short Height and Blue LED Lights

A glass counter needn’t be raised sky-high to still make an impactful design in your kitchen, bathroom, or home bar.

Take, for example, this counter: that we built for a happy CBD customer. The counter is barely raised but still looks phenomenal.

The glass counter measured 1 ½ inches thick and featured a traditional rectangular shape. This customer picked our Melting Ice texture as well (it’s quite a popular choice) and selected colorful LEDs to tie the whole look together.

The counter gives this kitchen a truly unique feel and serves as an excellent focal point.

Protruding Raised Glass Counter with LED Lights

Our fourth and final example is this exceptional counter:

The raised glass countertop is unique in its design in that it overlooks the marble counter itself. This degree of protrusion is quite pronounced, making this counter seem like a cozy bar nook at the hippest restaurant in town.

The customer selected our Ultra Clear glass at a 1 ½-inch thickness. They also chose the Sandstorm texture, which you can see here has small subtleties in some areas, and then more overt areas that look like desert winds.

The LED lighting brings out the best details of the textured glass but doesn’t overwhelm it.