4 Inspiring Glass Countertop Ideas

Do your current countertops feel drab and out-of-date? Perhaps the material is starting to fall apart. You might also have a hard time cleaning your counter because it’s made of a porous material where bacteria can hide.

It sounds like a glass countertop is a fantastic solution for you. Here at CBD Glass in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we work with customers just like you to design incredible glass countertops for rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, and more. Since all our glass counters are customized, you’re in the driver’s seat! You can select the glass color, thickness, and whether the counter lights up with LEDs.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your glass countertop design, we dug through our portfolio and pulled out four of our most awe-inspiring glass countertop creations. These examples are all real counters that we designed for our very happy CBD customers.

Let’s take a look!

Onyx Wraparound Glass Kitchen Island

Having a kitchen island is a blessing in disguise. The island affords you more room to prep and serve food. If your kitchen island has a sink, then you can do double the dishes in your kitchen, making this space much more efficient.

This customer’s kitchen island was already beautiful to start, but we made it even better. Using our transparent glass in our White Onyx texture created a cloudy look that makes the glass look almost like a sheet of ice.

Since it’s for a counter, the customer chose thick glass that’s 1 ½ inches. The wraparound style of this glass kitchen island is completely appealing. We like how the one exposed side is perfect for hiding spare storage such as extra seats like our customer did here!

LED-Illuminated Wavy Bathroom Countertop

Even if you don’t have a lot of counter space in your bathroom, you can make the most of what’s there with the guidance of our CBD team. Just take a look at this great example to see what we mean.

This customer’s counter is 1 ½ inches thick with our Aqua Clear base, which is a light teal blue. They also opted for our blue LED lighting, which you can see really jazzes up this bathroom. The corner with the countertop, although small, glows.

If you have to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, a countertop like this is a welcome sight.

Wraparound Slim Kitchen Countertop

If you liked the wraparound style of the first kitchen island we showed you, then feast your eyes on this. This timeless glass kitchen countertop better showcases the appeal of our Aqua Clear blue base. The Melting Ice texture this customer chose is a great complement.

You won’t have to worry about food spills and messes down the side of your counter when it too is protected by glass!

Raised Bathroom Countertop

Our last inspiring glass countertop pick is this raised bathroom countertop, which is yet another stellar example of how our Aqua Clear blue base can transform nearly any room in the house. We cut the shape of this raised glass countertop to match the unorthodox counter space for a perfect match!