4 Glass Kitchen Countertop Remodel Ideas

You want to do something extraordinary with your next kitchen countertop, which is why you opted to get a glass one. There are so many design ideas swirling around in your head that you have no idea how you’ll choose.

Allow us to help you make your decision a little easier. Today, we’re going to share four of our favorite glass kitchen countertop remodels, all courtesy of our real, satisfied CBD Glass customers. You’re not going to want to miss this.

Full Glass Countertop That Spills Over the Sides

Who says a glass countertop has to end at well…your countertop? The seamlessness of glass, as seen in the image above, shows how amazing it can look when your countertop continues down to the sides of your cabinetry.

This CBD customer chose a unique blend of both our Aqua Clear and Ultra Clear glass for the base of their countertop. They selected the Melting Ice texture–a customer favorite–so their countertop would stand out, and then got the whole thing illuminated beautifully by LED lights.

Multicolored Countertop Lights

Imagine your kitchen glowing strongly once the sun goes down. It’s possible when you get your countertop installed with LED lighting through our CBD team. The image above shows the gorgeous illumination in a pretty purple hue, but it can also switch from a bright green to a pinkish-red and even to a dark, royal blue.

The Sandstorm texture of this glass countertop stands out all the more thanks to the awe-inspiring LED lighting.

Glass Countertop into Backsplash

If you liked the cohesiveness of the first design from one of our CBD customers, here’s another option in the same vein. This smart customer opted for a backsplash and a glass countertop all in one. The full-wall glass protection offered is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

As you may remember if you’ve read our other blog posts, glass cleans up exceptionally easily. With a soft cloth, some dish soap, and water, you can wipe down your countertops and your backsplash in one fell swoop. How convenient!

Thick, Textured Countertop

Our last glass kitchen countertop remodel idea is this one. Our CBD customer opted for an Aqua Clear glass base with glass that’s a very burly one inches thick. The Melting Ice texture was a great pick for a heavier countertop like this one; the sheen of the glass surface really does give off a look of ice melting.

Not only does this glass countertop encircle the customer’s sink, but it runs up the wall and doubles as a backsplash as well. How cool!

Ready to Order Your Glass Kitchen Countertop Through CBD Glass? Call Today

If the ideas above have inspired you to chase after a particular design or style for your glass kitchen countertop remodel, our CBD Glass staff wants to hear from you. You can visit our website to get started or dial 1-855-872-4223. Once you provide us with some measurements and basic info on your countertop project, our team can get you a quote.