4 Glass Kitchen Countertop Configurations

You’ve spent a long time budgeting, and you finally have the money ready to put towards a new kitchen countertop. After researching materials, perhaps even through this blog, you’ve decided glass best suits your countertop. You love the look of glass and its great durability.

Now comes the hard part, and that’s selecting the configuration for your glass countertop. Should your countertop be a separate piece or connect with a kitchen backsplash? Should you get a countertop with room for a sink?

Here are 4 of the most popular glass kitchen countertop configurations from our CBD Glass customers to help you decide.

Glass Kitchen Countertop with Sink

Most kitchen countertops have sinks, perhaps your current one included. Fortunately, you can order your glass countertop to have room for an addition like a sink when you work with our team at CBD Glass.

We allow you to customize any and all aspects of your countertop, from its look, shape, glass thickness, color, texturing, and even whether the countertop is illuminated. All our team asks is that you measure your sink’s width, depth, length, and height. Then, our talented CBD team can create a customized glass kitchen countertop that accommodates your sink(s).

Glass Kitchen Countertop + Backsplash

Backsplashes are so handy, especially if you’ve freshly painted the kitchen or you’ve recently plastered up wallpaper. Rather than pay for a glass kitchen countertop and a glass backsplash separately, combine the two!

This popular configuration gives you one seamless piece of glass that inches its way up the wall. The look is incredible, not to mention it’s so much easier to keep your kitchen clean. You only need a soft cloth, warm water, and your favorite dish soap to clean up smudges, stickiness, and other messes off your glass surfaces.

Glass Kitchen Countertop with Oven/Stove

Are your stove and oven smack-dab in the middle of your current kitchen countertops? You may worry that such a setup could impact your aspirations of having a glass kitchen countertop. Not at CBD Glass. Like with a configuration that makes way for the sink, we can design your glass countertops with plenty of space for the oven and stove on either side.

We only need the measurements of these appliances and we can soon begin custom-designing your glass kitchen countertop.

Glass Kitchen Countertop That Wraps Down the Sides

Who says the glass countertop surface has to stop at well, the top of your counter? Many of our happy CBD customers have requested countertops with glass that extends down the side, sometimes all the way to the floor!

Such a configuration will create a truly eye-catching look, and once again, cleanup becomes a breeze. You can wipe down the top and side of your glass kitchen countertop in minutes, freeing up your schedule.

Pick Your Glass Kitchen Countertop Configuration, Then Call CBD Glass

If one of the above glass kitchen countertop configurations sounds right for you, we want to hear from you. Our CBD Glass team will customize your countertops your way, so call us today!