4 Great Fits for Glass in Your Home

Glass can be a fantastic accent to almost any part of your home, but after many years of building custom glass pieces we have found that there are 4 fantastic fits for glass in almost any modern home.

#1 – Kitchen The kitchen is where the functional glass trend really began to thrive.  With options like glass countertops and glass backsplashes, you can totally transform your kitchen.  Below are a few examples:

Kitchen glass  countertops

Kitchen countertop2

#2 – Bathroom – CBD is the originator of the new world-famous waterfall glass sinkGlass sinks are an excellent and durable addition to any modern bathroom.  Glass countertops are also fantastic in bathrooms as well.

Waterfall wallmounted glass 60" wide sink on custom metal supports.

Glass bathroom countertop (George)

#3 – Bar Top – Glass Bar Tops are one of the most unique and classy ways to dress up your bar room or lounge.  Check out some great examples of our custom bar tops:

Glass bar top (Fred George1)

Dona's bar top

#4 – Outdoor Patio – Glass countertops are a fantastic choice for outdoor patios/kitchens because of the optional under-lighting, which makes outdoor gatherings classier than ever.


David Pendelbury Outside bartop2

David Pendelbury Outside bartop1

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