10 Reasons Why Glass Countertops Are Gaining Popularity

Glass countertops continue to be an impactful design choice as the 2020s get underway, and they show no signs of stopping! Without further ado, let’s examine 10 reasons glass countertops have become and remain so popular.

1. Glass Is Timeless

If you’ve been stuck with Formica countertops that have long since outstayed their welcome, you know all too well how it’s not fun to have outdated counters in your home. They make your kitchen a relic.

Glass never goes out of style. It’s as trendy now as it’s ever been, and we think it will remain that way since it’s a timeless counter material.

2. Glass Cleans Easily

No one wants to spend longer than necessary cleaning their counters, yourself included. With a glass countertop, you only need a soft cloth, water, and dish soap.

Wipe the cloth in one direction and then dry it in the same direction and voila, clean counters in minutes!

glass bar top

3. Glass Looks Great Illuminated

LEDs are all the rage these days, as they’re an eco-friendly lighting option. Do you know what goes especially well with LEDs? That’s right, glass countertops!

LEDs paint the glass with an electric hue, making you fall in love with your new counters all over again.

4. Compared to Other Counters, Glass Is More Affordable

Who wants to spend an arm and a leg on new counters? While glass isn’t the most low-cost countertop material out there, it’s more affordable than quartz or granite. 

5. Glass Is Customizable

When you work with the artisans at CBD Glass in Canada, we can craft you a glass counter that fits the mold you want. You can alter the glass shape, thickness, texture, and color, completely customizing it!

6. Glass Is Heat-Resistant

Did you know glass can withstand temperature changes of over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit?

While you’ll never expose a kitchen counter to that degree of heat, it’s still good info to have. You don’t have to worry about burning or damaging glass if you have to put a hot pan or the counter for a moment.

glass bathroom countertop

7. Glass Doesn’t Hold Onto Germs

Glass is a nonporous surface, which prevents bacteria from hiding. The lack of nooks and crannies a glass countertop has will also keep the surface germ-free so you and your family can prep and enjoy meals with greater peace of mind!

8. Glass Doesn’t Stain

You do your best not to stain your kitchen counters, but accidents happen, right? Not many countertop materials can stand up to stains without permanent residue, but glass can.

Glass doesn’t stain, so if you spill wine or cooking oil, you don’t have to stress.

9. Glass Is Durable

With its longevity in the kitchen countertops world, glass durability has become a major talking point. The glass that comprises your countertop is a lot thicker than your average bathroom or bedroom mirror. As a result, a glass counter holds up well for a long time.

10. Glass Is Beautiful!

What can we say besides glass makes for an attractive countertop material? We hope you’ll consider it for your next kitchen upgrade!