Glass Backsplashes


When you see our gorgeous glass backsplashes, you will wonder how your kitchen was ever complete without one. These stunning pieces of art serve the functional purpose of protecting your wall while adding elegance and sophistication to your space. CBD glass backsplashes add an element to your kitchen or bar area that you just will not find from other materials, such as tile, stainless steel, or other man-made products.  

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Glass is made of natural elements and nature, which in turn, inspires our artists here at CBD. They look to flowing rivers of lava, golden sands of the desert, the powerful rush of waterfalls and the brilliant hues and tones of jewels, oceans, forests and sky. They meld their inspiration with the modern technology and science to create unique concepts available only to our clientele.  Our glass backsplashes will set your kitchen apart and make you the envy of those around you. When paired with one of our glass countertops the effect is absolutely stunning. Just like all of the glass items we create at CBD, our glass backsplashes are made from a handcrafted original mold or backpainted to any color to create a distinctive and unique masterpiece. They are also easy to maintain and stain, scratch and mold resistant. CBD glass is extraordinarily durable and it can be tempered according to building codes. CBD’s contemporary backsplashes come in a wide variety of shapes, thicknesses, textures and colors. Our artists will work with your vision to create a design for you only limited by your imagination. Contact us today to give your kitchen or bar area that ‘wow’ factor that people just can’t stop talking about.